Pavement Management Program Overview

The City of Ozark established a Pavement Management System in 2002 to develop a management program for scheduling maintenance or reconstruction of city streets at the appropriate time in order to extend their overall expected life cycle in the most efficient and economical manner. Street pavement has the shortest life cycle of all public infrastructure systems. This is primarily due to extreme physical abuse from frequent and heavy traffic and exposure to harsh environmental elements.

Under the pavement management program, the physical condition of all city street surfaces have been evaluated and rated by the type, severity and quantity of deficiencies. This information is utilized in deciding street priorities as well as what maintenance options will provide the most economical long-term benefit. The City may choose from 5 different types of street maintenance procedures when planning street repairs. Please click on this link for the details of asphalt maintenance procedures. The traffic volume for each street is also taken into consideration. Traffic counts are obtained by the City of Ozark’s GIS department. Acquired traffic counts are available for city streets upon request.

Please follow this link to watch a video demonstrating microsurfacing, and explaining the benefits of microsurfacing streets in Ozark.

Roadway Maintenance Responsibilities

Various agencies have maintenance responsibilities for streets within the city limits of Ozark. Modot maintains the numbered and lettered highways including Business 65. The City of Ozark and Ozark Special Road District both have assigned maintenance responsibilities within the transportation service area of Ozark. This assignment is indicated on the intergovernmental cooperative agreement.


A driveway permit with a deposit is required when constructing a new driving surface within the public right-of-way. A driveway plan must be approved by the Engineering Department before the permit is issued.

Street Cuts

If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street to do a utility connection or repair, a street cut permit with a deposit will be required. Public Works’ approval is required before the permit is issued.

Traffic Signs

For all traffic signs, a Request For Traffic Sign Installation shall be submitted. The request will be reviewed by the Police Department, the Public Works Department and the Engineering Department. The requester will be notified of the results of this review process. Stop Signs shall not be used for speed control. The City of Ozark does not install "Children at Play" signs. All sign installations shall comply with standard engineering practices and the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Traffic Counts

The City of Ozark conducts traffic counts on roadway within the city limits. These traffic counts may be viewed at the counter within the Planning & Development department. If the desired count is not available a new count may be requested on the Request for a Traffic Count Form.

Street Lighting Overview

Streetlights in the City of Ozark are typically only approved for intersections and at the ends of cul-de-sacs. Street lighting within the public right-of-way is defined as a traffic-safety function as opposed to a security function. Empire District Electric maintains and installs street lights in the City of Ozark. Malfunctioning street lights can be reported to the Engineering Department at 417-581-2407, or email  . They can also be reported on this website with the following form; Street Light Outage Report. Each location reported will be evaluated for potential repair/replacement.