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  1. Apply for a Job

    Find out how to apply for a job online.

  2. Christian County Library

    Christian County Library Information

  3. Find Important Contact Information

    Locate important city contact information.

  4. Get a Building Permit

    Find out how to acquire a building permit.

  5. Learn About Historic Preservation in Ozark

    Historic Commission, historic preservation in Ozark, historic guidelines

  6. Locate City Facilities

    Access details on local city facilities.

  7. Obtain a Pet License

  8. Online Bill Pay

    Take advantage of our online payment option.

  9. Operate a Business in Ozark

    Research how to operate a business in Ozark.

  10. Participate in a Sports Program

    Learn how to participate in a sports program.

  11. Rent a Facility

    Access information on catering and facility rentals in Ozark.

  12. Report a Code Violation

    Report a code violation to the proper authority.

  13. Report a Problem

    Report a problem to a particular office or person.

  14. View the City Code

    Access Ozark City Code for ordinance details.