Permits Required for Residences


Permits Issued For Property Modifications

The City of Ozark's Planning and Development also monitors and issues permits related to modifications to residential property. These would include modifications such as accessory structures, decks, and above ground pools or in-ground pools.

The City of Ozark provides a building inspector to ensure set backs are not encroached, code requirements are met, and ensure public safety.

Permits are issued for:
  • Accessory Structures-Located on the same lot as a principal structure and contributes to the comfort, convenience or necessity of occupants of the principal use. Examples: Tool Shed, Detached Garage
  • Pools - In-ground or above ground.
  • Decks- Addition/replacement of deck to a residential home.
All permits can be applied for through the Portal. Instructions can be found here

Permits Issued For Single-Family Residential

The City of Ozark issues permits for single family and duplex structures under construction.

Permits are issued for:
  • New Structures - Newly constructed residences.
  • New Addition - Adding additional room(s) to a home.
  • Remodels - Remodeling an existing structure and upgrading the electrical, plumbing, or HVAC.
The Single Family Residential permit application may be submitted for for any of the above mentioned items through the Portal. Instructions can be found here

The City of Ozark offers the 2018 Building Codes - Guidelines  & Inspection Checklist for Residential Construction 

Please contact Planning and Development with any questions you may have at 417-581-2407.