Trash Billing and Information

The City is not an exclusive trash hauler city, which means you can set up trash services with the company of your choosing.

While the City of Ozark does not provide trash services directly to its citizens, it has partnered with Republic Services to provide convenience and a lower rate for its citizens. Through this partnership, the City bills your trash service so that you receive only one utility bill. Keep in mind that the city is only responsible for processing payments and not for pickup or services related to trash collection.

Billing Information for Republic Service Customers

If you select Republic Services as your trash collection provider, your trash bill is processed on the same bill as your water and sewer services by the City of Ozark Utility Billing Department. Upon registration with Republic Services, they will inform you of your pickup day and other service details. Visit the Republic Services website for more information. Call 417-865-1717 for customer service.

NOTICE for Current Republic Services Customers in the City of Ozark

Republic Services customers will notice a rate increase on their trash bill starting on February 1, 2024. 

Your current monthly trash fee of $12.85, which has been in effect since 2019, will increase to $13.90. Your current monthly recycling fee is $2.25 and will increase to $5.18.

Republic Services Trash Collection Rates 2024

Service Rate
Once a week curbside with cart(95-Gallon or 65-Gallon)
Cart Delivery Fee $20 each
Cart Removal Fee $20 each
Additional Carts

Republic Services Recycling Rates

Service Rate
Every other week curbside with cart (95-Gallon or 65-Gallon) $5.18
Cart Delivery Fee $20 each
Cart Removal Fee $20 each
Additional Carts (95-Gallon Cart) $2.73

"Republic Services determines this fee change to reflect the cost of collection services and inflation adjustments. The new rates are approved through December 31, 2024. Republic Services reserves the right to increase its monthly service fee by 5% at the end of the year. Republic Services is responsible for maintaining all carts and shall exchange any damaged carts for no extra charge for maintenance. Recycling and trash service shall be on the same day of the week when service is provided. If you have any questions about your trash collection service, please call Republic Services at 800.627.1717 or visit"

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