WasteWater Treatment Facilities

Elk Valley WasteWater Treatment Plant

The City of Ozark operates 2 wastewater treatment facilities, the north 22nd street facility has a design capacity of 2.1 million gallons per/day and the new Elk Valley facility completed in 2009, is capable of treating 1.0 million gallons per/day. Both facilities are extended aeration ditches with, biological nutrient removal, tertiary filtration and ultraviolet disinfection.

Sanitary Sewer System

The process for obtaining connection to the City of Ozark’s sanitary sewer system and the fee schedule for connection is outlined in the document titled Procedures for connection to City of Ozark Utilities, (water and sewer).

If it becomes necessary to cut into a city street to do a connection or repair, a street cut permit with a deposit will be required. Public Works’ approval is required before the permit is issued.

We are currently working to rehabilitate manhole in Ozark

  • 15 manholes to be relined that will create a like new manhole
  • These manhole are dwindling and are in desperate need of maintenance.
  • The company is Visu-Sewer
  • The manhole portion will take about a week
  • This project is mainly to address our I&I (Inflow and Infiltration) which is when outside water (stormwater) infiltrates our sewer lines and manholes.