Board of Adjustments


Due to the special circumstances that arise, variances may be necessary to help resolve issues concerning set codes. Therefore the Board of Adjustments is there as a service to the citizens.

The board consists of up to five members and up to three alternates. The mayor appoints members for a 5-year term. Four members must be present during meetings to vote on any given issue.

 This is a seven-seat Board with six members and one alternate. It currently has five members. 


Public hearings are scheduled upon demand. Publications are required to run in the local newspaper for two consecutive weeks. Agendas are posted, and board members are notified with an informational packet. To obtain informational packets, contact the Planning and Development Department at Ozark City Hall. The Board of Adjustments shall approve or deny the application of variance following the public hearing before any variance is granted. The Board of Adjustments has specific criteria to make these decisions.

What Is a Variance?

A variance occurs due to a denial of a site plan or building application. The Board of Adjustment reviews the criteria presented before them, weighing the case concerns of the applicant’s hardship. Upon reviewing the facts, a decision is approved or denied by the Board of Adjustments at a meeting by a majority vote.

Due Process

A variance application must be completed and submitted to the Planning and Development Department. An administrative fee of $200 must be paid for each application. The director of Planning and Development shall have 10 business days to review the application and determine that sufficient data is contained to describe the situation to the Board of Adjustment adequately. If it is determined that more information is required, the application will be returned for completion.

Board MembersTerm Expires
Emmett ClevengerMarch 4, 2024
Ronnie ShivlerSeptember 5, 2029
Eric GriesselJune 21, 2026
Kenny WashamJune 21, 2026