John Torgerson

Alderman Ward 1

John grew up in Southwest Missouri and has been a resident of Ozark since 2004, he has a passion for re-vitalization in our community.  John is the senior principle with Torgerson Design Architects, serving as president and director of operations for the Architectural firm located on the Historic Square in Downtown Ozark.

John also started TRK Investments to buy, renovate, and sell properties in the Ozark area to create better environments within our community, examples of this re-vitalization can be seen in the residential areas of 3rd street, Farmer Street, and Jackson Street.  John knows this area is one of the fastest growing communities and is committed to the Ozark community, seeing the history preserved, and creating revitalization to areas with creativity and imagination. 

John serves as alderman to Ward One, a large area of the city with many growth opportunities.  He currently serves as Liaison for Parks & Recreation, an area of our government that greatly benefits our community with many parks, programs, and amenities.  John is focused on expanding outdoor educational programs, improving our current facilities, and bringing emphasis to programs that attract people outdoors. 

With expansion, growth, and change come challenges to government and financial obligations.  John is someone that practices the constant idea to evaluate rational solutions, re-think the obvious, re-work the complicated and practice simplicity while finding real workable solutions. 

John is ready to make our community the best place for business & residential living, working to evaluate all potential growth, while working with all parties to bring our community together.  Please don’t hesitate to contact John at 417-581-8889 or if you have ideas or wish to discuss specific issues.

Contact Information

John Torgerson 
711 S. 3rd St. 
Ozark, MO 65721
Phone: 417-848-0147