3/8 cent Transportation Sales Tax 2017 VOTER APPROVED

Road, Sidewalk  Bridge Improvements

3/8 cent Transportation Sales Tax
Voter Approved on April 2017

Thank YOU for supporting the 5-Year Plan for Transportation

When the citizens of Ozark voted to approve our first ever Transportation Sales Tax in April 2017, it was a clear message to city leaders that they wanted to see transportation improvements. Many local street and sidewalk improvements have already been completed, and throughout the next 5-years more will take place throughout our community.  Significant progress has also been made on our large scale partnership projects with MODOT, Christian County, and Ozark Special Road District.  These projects are progressing in a timely manner and are almost through the engineering, design, right of way acquisition and environmental study stages.  More details on these large projects and all of the local projects can be found below in the "Project Update" section.  

We are dedicated to fulfilling these commitments to improve our community, improve safety, and continue expanding our economic development opportunities.

Funding the 5 year plan

Please keep in mind that this is a 5-year plan so all projects you may want to see cannot be completed in a single year. As the City only receives sales tax funds from the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) on a monthly basis, and the fact that the state laws didn’t allow the DOR to begin collecting the new tax until October 1, 2017, the City has only received funds from this sales tax for the months indicated below.

If you have any questions about funding or the projects please feel free email Spayne@ozarkmissouri.com.

Project Name
Amount Spent
Cost Share Projects
Transfer to Riverside Bridge Project     
$ 200,000
Transfer to MODot South Street Sidewalk    
Transfer to MODOT South/Selmore Intersection   
$ 407,890.00
2017 Street Projects

Liberty Street
Applecreek Subdivision
$ 563,089.00
11th Avenue & Hartley
5th Avenue
$ 4,795.00
2017 Sidewalk & Trail Projects
Hartley & East Elementary
$ 120,826.77
McGuffey & North Elementary
$ 77,865.77
Finley River Park to Grubaugh Park
$ 132,931.10
Brick Street & Downtown
$ 61,295.00
2018 Street Projects
Waterford Subdivision
Eunice Street
$ 186,278.01
2018 Sidewalk & Trail Projects
Downtown CBD improvements
$ 52,737.00



Intersection improvement on Business 65 at South Street near Selmore Rd


Projected Completed April 15, 2020

Intersection Improvements on Route 14 and Intersection of Route 14/NN

Preliminary Plan Exhibit

TENTATIVE Schedule (schedule subject to change)

Consultant Selection                                                                                                           COMPLETED Nov 2016
Consultant Notice to Proceed(start design work)                                                                COMPLETED Jan 2017
Preliminary Plans for Rte 14 and Rte 14/NN Intersection                                                   COMPLETED April 2017
R/W Plans                                                                                                                           COMPLETED December 2018
Public Meeting for project                                                                                                    COMPLETED October 2018
Construction Plans                                                                                                              COMPLETED December 2019
Construction Contract Award                                                                                               April 2020
Construction Notice to Proceed                                                                                          June 2020
Anticipated Construction Completion                                                                                  Mid year 2022


Riverside Bridge Road work

Project Update click HERE

Image 13__Rendered

Tentative Schedule (subject to change)

Project Status:                   

Major Milestones  % Complete  Comments
 Survey 100%  Complete
 Preliminary Hydrology & Hydraulic Study/Report 100%  Complete
 Preliminary Design 100%  Complete
 Right-of-Way-Acquisition 100% Complete
 Final Design/PS&E 100% Complete
 Bidding 100% Complete
 Construction 0% Estimated Completion Fall-Winter 2020


3_8 cents new

2019 Completed Projects

Completed in 2019: Sunridge Addition

The projects will be selected individually as "Alternatives A - D".  The amount of paving alternatives to be completed will be based upon the remainder of the 2019 resurfacing budget.


Pedestrian Projects: Central Business District/Downtown

Making Ozark Better Every Day: The PW department manages multiple infrastructure projects each year. One of the ongoing priorities outlined in citizen surveys is to ensure that our Central Business District / Downtown is a safe, pedestrian friendly environment. Thanks to you, the voters, our 3/8 cent Transportation Sales Tax has allowed us to not only complete multiple roadway improvements, we have also been able to complete several pedestrian projects. This Plan identifies some of the more critical areas in the Central Business District that need to be improved over the next five years.

Completed in 2019: Paving Project: Bingham Heights Subdivision

2018 Completed Projects

Completed in 2018: Eunice

Completed in 2018:  Waterford Subdivision Phase 1

2017 Completed Projects

Completed in 2017: W. Liberty Avenue, North Ozark Industrial Park

Completed in 2017: Applecreek Subdivision

Completed in 2017: 11th Avenue and E. Hartley to 14th Avenue 

Completed in 2017: W. Robertson and 3rd Street

Completed in 2017: Matthew Ct drainage and street improvements

Sidewalk, Greenway & Trail Updates

Currently in Progress:  Finley River Trail Expansion Phase 1

October 2018-October 2020

Finley River Trail Expansion-page-001 (1)

Currently in Progress: Hwy 14 Sidewalk Connection:

Grant awarded Spring 2019

Hwy 14 Sidewalk Connection

Currently in Progress: West Elementary Connection

Grant awarded Spring 2019

West Elementary Connection

Currently in Progress: South Elementary Connection

Grant awarded Spring 2019

South Elementary Sidewalk Connection

Currently in Progress: OTC Trail Connection

Grant awarded Spring 2019

OTC trail connection

Chadwick Flyer Greenway / Regional Trail:  Trail connecting Missouri Veterans Cemetery / Springfield Lake with the Finley River Trail / OC

Trail Information

Springfield Field Business Journal Information

Ozark Greenway Trails Link