Grubaugh Park Inclusive Playground


    An inclusive playground for all children could be easier said than done. However, we are working toward ensuring that an inclusive playground in our community is easily said and done. We have taken into consideration the impact this inclusive park will have on our community, the compliant capabilities it offers, and our dated playground. We believe that with the help of funding toward our inclusive playground we can begin our journey to impacting thousands of people in our community.  

     From the ADA accessible ramps and wheelchair transfer stations to the interactive play components that are fully compliant with ASTM and ADA standards, this inclusive playground will be the first of its kind in Christian County. Not only will this brand new implementation have an immediate impact on our community members but begin an important pathway for our community as a whole by setting a standard for inclusivity in future Christian County infrastructure. 

    We are a rapidly growing community and we have already seen an overall push for better playgrounds in Christian County. In our 2018 Master Park Plan, our current playgrounds were near the top of the list for requested amenities in Ozark, citing that they were damaged and dated. This showcases an important need among our community that we have the opportunity to fulfill and ensure everyone has the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

   There are an estimated 1,500 people living in Christian County that have a Developmental Disability that currently does not have access to amenities that are vital to thriving at a playground. This number does not just encompass children, but adults too. Additionally, an inclusive playground can impact their caregivers, parents, guardians, and nurses. We believe it is important that our playgrounds have compliant capabilities so that no community member is denied the opportunity to utilize our services.  

   This inclusive playground can be considered a pillar in our mission to continue to develop our parks and recreation services as our community grows. A playground is a pure source of joy for all children and families in a community, impacting their friendships, community engagement, and outlook. We have the chance to directly impact their lives and we hope to do so with your help. 

   We thank you for the opportunity to apply for this necessary funding and hope that you will consider donating so that we can make a direct and important impact on this community. Everyone deserves to find a sense of place in Christian County, and there is no better way to start than at the true heart of a small town community: its park.  

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