2022 Street & Sidewalk Improvements

2017-2022 38 Transportation Sales Tax
  1. Downtown Projects
  2. Daniel Lane- Alternative
  3. Boat Street- Alternative

2022 will be another active year within our Beautiful Historic Downtown.  Staff is working with our contractors to fully reconstruct 4th Ave from Farmer St. south all the way to Oak St.  We will then shift our focus to reconstructing the roadway and curb and gutter on Walnut St. from 2nd Ave to 3rd St.  Additionally, we have both 1st and 2nd Streets just south of the square under contract to mill down the top 2 inches of old asphalt and apply a new 2” asphalt top course to drastically improve the surface of those roadways. All of these projects include pedestrian amenities and provide multimodal connectivity within the Downtown. This year we will also construct the primary pathway that, in the future, will provide connectivity to the Finley River Park, Finley River Trail, Neal and Betty Grubaugh Park, and Garrison Springs. All of these projects are geared toward giving the pedestrians priority and enhancing the walkability of the Downtown while still providing efficient vehicular circulation.   3