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Our project, Oak St. - West Downtown, entails a significant infrastructure upgrade that involves the replacement of water and sewer systems, as well as the reconstruction of streets. This undertaking will be a substantial endeavor that will improve the reliability and efficiency of the area's infrastructure. Find more information about this project and stay up to date below.

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About this Project:

Oak Street Break DownHISTORY: The City of Ozark’s Department of Public Works is excited to announce a major revitalization project that will be occurring within your neighborhood throughout 2023.  Your subdivision, Bingham’s First Addition, was developed on the “outskirts” of Ozark when our entire community had just over 1,000 residents.  Bingham’s First is a thriving neighborhood that has served many citizens of Ozark since the mid-1950s. Throughout the decades, this neighborhood has endured. However, these years have taken a toll on the City’s infrastructure. Many of the longtime residents know all about the sanitary sewer challenges and occasional water service disruptions we have experienced.   

REPAIRS: Over the past two years, crews have been working to identify and repair any existing sanitary sewer mains by using a “trenchless” technology known as Cured In Place Pipe or CIPP.  This CIPP work was recently completed, and we have now repaired all the sanitary sewer mains that were eligible to utilize this rehabilitation method. 

TRANSPORTATION SALES TAX: In 2022, the voters approved the renewal of the Transportation Sales Tax. This ballot initiative has allowed the City to identify needed community improvement projects and allocate the necessary funding to revitalize these aging neighborhoods.  Over the last three years, crews have been working near the Historic Downtown Square, and we are now ready to shift our attention to neighborhoods west of 3rd Street.  

NEW REPAIRS: Over the coming months, city officials will be working with multiple contractors to rehabilitate the water mains, replace the sanitary sewer mains, and improve the roadways within your neighborhood.  This is a significant construction project and a large financial undertaking; however, it is an important investment in our center city that needs to occur to ensure that current and future Bingham’s First residents are properly serviced by the Department of Public Works.  

What remains to be repaired after the Cured In Place Pipe or CIPP was done must be removed and replaced with new sanitary sewer mains and manholes.  Simultaneously, crews will begin working on replacing the aging water mains, fire hydrants, and water valves in this neighborhood.  This work will ensure reliable water service and greatly enhance fire protection within your neighborhood.  Once the underground utilities have been replaced, we will move on to reconstructing the streets and adding the necessary curb and gutter to handle the stormwater runoff adequately.  


Water Improvements - 100% complete

  • 5,337 linear feet of water main installed
  • Seven new fire hydrant assemblies placed in service
  • 62 lateral service connections provided
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