Land Application of Biosolids

Land-Applying Biosolids Program

The City of Ozark offers a land-applying biosolids program to land-owners and farmers through the Elk Valley Treatment Plant.

What’s commonly known as “sludge” refers to the solids that are separated during the treatment of all the water that comes through the wastewater plant. Once the materials are separated, they are sent to a different tank where they are treated. This material is 97 percent water and filled with nutrients, like potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients. Once treated, the material is called biosolids and must meet certain standards through rigorous testing at the local plant and through the EPA and DNR, which include testing for heavy metals, pollutants, and pathogens, before it’s deemed safe for land application.

What are the benefits?

Biosolid land application can be used in lieu of or in addition to fertilizer to help promote grass or hay growth and quality by adding necessary nutrients to the land.

How does it work?

If you are interested in land applying, call the Elk Valley Wastewater Plant at 417-581-6461

The city will pay to have your land tested for its pH level.

If the land does not meet pH requirements, the landowner must treat the field to help it meet the standard. A year later, the land can be tested again for biosolids application.

Cattle must be kept off the field for thirty (30) days after application.

Is it safe?

Biosolids application is safe. The material is 97 percent water and filled with nutrients. It is rigorously tested by crews on-site and by an off-site lab, all followed by EPA and DNR rules and regulations.

How much does it cost the landowner?

The program is free of charge to the landowner.

Click here to learn more from the EPA.