Dance Classes

At Ozark Parks and Recreation, we take great pride in hosting a wide array of dance programs that cater to dancers of all ages and skill levels. 

Our Dance and Cheer program is perfect for young dancers in K-5th grade, offering an energetic and spirited introduction to the world of cheerleading and dance. Participants will learn the fundamentals of pompoms and cheering, along with various dance styles, techniques, and choreography. Led by our enthusiastic instructors, this class fosters confidence, teamwork, and a passion for dance, providing a dynamic and supportive environment for our budding cheerleaders and dancers to shine.

At Ozark Parks and Recreation, we're committed to providing a diverse and exciting range of dance programs that inspire, empower, and bring the joy of dance to our community. Whether you're just starting your dance journey or looking to expand your skills, our programs have something for everyone. Come join us and let the magic of dance elevate your spirit and enrich your life!

Find the right class for the aspiring dancer in your life at Ozark Parks & Recreation! 

Dance & cheer Class
Jazz Dance
Ballet Classes