Where do I vote?

You can find that information here, https://voteroutreach.sos.mo.gov/PRD/VoterOutreach/VOSearch.aspx

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1. How does the City of Ozark generate money?
2. Will there be wasted space? Will you overbuild the facility? What is your plan?
3. Isn't the monthly tax revenues collected by Ozark in 2022 more then the 2021 amounts? Actually aren't the amounts record amounts? The most ever collected?
4. How much additional revenue will the Local Use Tax for Public Safety generate?
5. If approved by voters, when will the Local Use Tax for Public Safety go in to effect?
6. Do other cities in Missouri have a Local Use Tax ?
7. Why is a Local Use Tax for Public Safety so important for The City of Ozark?
8. When do I vote on this question?
9. When is the deadline to register to vote?
10. Where do I vote?