About Backflow Prevention & Annual Testing

Backflow Prevention and why it is important:

Backflow occurs when the water in your pipes goes in the opposite direction of normal flow.  

The two(2) things that can cause backflow are:

1. Backpressure – when the pressure in your pipes exceeds the pressure in the water distribution system.  This could be from pumps, temperature increase from boilers etc. A change in the water supply pressure can occur from water line flushing, water main breaks, and firefighting.

2.   Back siphonage – when there is a sudden reduction of pressure in the water distribution system that causes fluids (water, chemical, etc.) from your pipes to be pulled into the water distribution system.

How to prevent backflow?


A backflow device can be many different types of mechanical protection to keep pollutants and dangerous chemicals from entering the city water system.

A backflow assembly prevents contaminated water from getting into the city’s water system and back to your home or business. Backflow preventers use a system of valves that open in the proper direction of flow and close whenever the flow tries to reverse. Potential backflow hazards are eliminated by installing a backflow prevention assembly in accordance with 10 CSR 60-11.010.

The City of Ozark requires residents and businesses to get their backflow devices tested annually.

If you can add somewhere for any questions, contact Tim Auchtung at 417-581-2408.

Please submit backflow reports to backflowreports@ozarkmissouri.org

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