Contact Information

Chief of Police, 
Justin Arnold

Phone: 417-581-6600


                                 Ozark Police Department Email Addresses


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Email Addresses

Chief of Police Justin  Arnold
Captain Derek Hill
Lieutenant Kevin Boyce
Lieutenant  Jared Drye
Sergeant Tommy Wade
Sergeant Nathan Lewis
Sergeant Matthew Jones
Sergeant Ben Deutscher
Corporal Shonda Jackson
Corporal Truman Isbell
Corporal Bryant Soules
Corporal Trevor Spencer
Corporal Greg O'Neil
Detective Anthony  Appleton
Detective Stephen Conner
Detective Taylor  Wheeler
Detective Brad Redden
Patrolman Bryan Tyler
Patrolman Danisha Smith
Patrolman Anthony Dewey
Patrolman Jonah Crim
Patrolman Jessica Brown
Reserve Cory Turner
Patrolman Justin Brown
Patrolman Jeremy Watson
Patrolman Miranda Monroe
Patrolman Brandon Marsillo
Patrolman Corey Hodzic
Patrolman Peter Bensing
Patrolman Josh Wahl
Patrolman Kyle Prince
Patrolman Tanner Gilmore
Support Services Supervisor Becky Appleton
Property Clerk Sue Choate
Clerk Ann Custer
Clerk Sue Larimer
Records Group