Permits Required for Commercial Properties

Permits Issued

The City of Ozark requires Commercial Permits to be issued for new commercial structures, infills, multifamily, industrial, and fire sprinkler systems.

  • Commercial Structures - New commercial structures/or modifications to existing structures.
  • Infill - Any new commercial construction done within an existing building.
  • Multifamily - Three-plex or more occupants in a structure (apartments).
  • Industrial - Any non-residential or designated commercial land use and/or zoning district including "I-1". This would include manufacturing, warehouseing, etc.

All permits can be applied for through the Portal. Instructions can be found hereYou may contact Planning and Development with any questions at 417-581-2407.

Redevelopment Review Processes

Whenever a business is going into an existing structure/infill, the City of Ozark requires a redevelopment review for the purpose of ensuring code compliance, fire safety, and public safety.

The Redevelopment Review process shall be completed and returned to the Planning and Development Department for review and at such time a meeting will be scheduled for the inspector to visit the site. Redevelopment review requirements are outlined on the form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 417-581-2407.