Onward Ozark! Planning Our Corridors

a graphic with the wors onward ozark next to a line of three cartoon buildings on top of a road

It’s time to evaluate and build up the Ozark Corridors through smart land use, economic development, and enhanced character. To achieve these goals, we need your help!

  • Onward Ozark is a planning study that will guide future growth and development, aesthetics and character, and services located along three corridors in Ozark. 
  • The planning study area starts at North Highway NN and stretches to S. 3rd Street, which then runs to South Street. The South Street corridor spans from the intersection with Highway 65 to the intersection with Highway W.
  • The corridors span approximately eight miles in length and pass through the heart of the city.

What is the Project Area?

The map shows the project area, which includes the north, central, and south corridors. The corridor study area will include the right-of-way and adjacent parcels. 

  1. North Corridor – North State Highway NN (orange) 
    • The North State Highway NN Corridor begins as North 9th Street at the intersection with 3rd Street/Highway 14. It then transitions into Highway NN and extends north until the intersection with West State Highway J. This corridor will primarily focus on transportation and utilities. 
  2. Central Corridor – South 3rd Street/Highway 14 (purple)
    • This corridor, also called the South 3rd Street/ Highway 14 corridor, extends from the intersection with South Street and travels north to the intersection with North 9th Street. This corridor will have a multimodal focus, emphasizing different types of transportation available to residents and visitors.
  3.  South Corridor – South Street (green)
    • The South Street Corridor extends from the intersection with Highway 65 to the intersection with Highway W. 
an aerial map of ozark highlighting t North State Highway NN, South 3rd Street/Highway 14, South St.

Get Involved in the Process! Here’s How:

 1. Sign up to get notified of updates.
By Email: Sign up by clicking HERE!
By Text Message: Text “OnwardOzark” to 888-521-3871 and follow the prompts.

2. Participate in the virtual public open house.
Sign up for email and/or text message updates to be alerted when the virtual public open house is live via this webpage.
The virtual public open house will include initial ideas for each corridor that we need your feedback on.

3. Comments or Questions?
Reach out to the project team by emailing Taylor Plummer, Project Manager, at tplummer@olsson.com.

What are the Goals of the Onward Ozark Project?

  • Define the future land use and development/redevelopment opportunities along the corridors.
  • Provide measurable action steps for both public and private property owners to further promote multimodal transportation options and encourage positive development for the corridors.
  • Equitably engage property owners, neighbors, and the public in meaningful and descriptive conversations about future land uses and activities along the corridors. 
  • Create a plan for aesthetic enhancements ensuring the character is true to Ozark. 
  • Advance a thoughtful, creative framework that strengthens and supports the local economy. 
  • Develop an implementation strategy to help the City of Ozark make progress on strategies and goals defined within the Plan. 

Calendar of Events

  • Public Survey

    1. Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions with us via the public survey. The survey window closed on November 30 and we are thrilled with the number of responses we received. Your participation is crucial in this process and we appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion. 
  • Virtual Public Open House #1

    1. The first virtual public open house will launch via this webpage in mid-December and be available through late January 2024. 
  • Virtual Public Open House #2

    1. The second virtual public open house will launch via this webpage in late June 2024, and be available through mid-July 2024. 

What Does the Planning Process Look Like?

  • The planning process for Onward Ozark will take approximately one year and consist of six primary phases: from DISCOVER, where a baseline understanding of the corridors is developed, to ENGAGE, where the community shares their voice, to PLAN & REFINE, when the actual road map for the future of topics like development and connectivity are recorded, to IMPLEMENT and SUSTAIN when the new plan is put to work.

    Webpage Phase and Schedule Graphic of a road with flags at each step of the project
a graphic with the wors onward ozark next to a line of three cartoon buildings on top of a road